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Asakusa Kaguwa performance

Professional performers dressed as Oiran, Geisha, and Samurai will perform a variety of programs on stage for over 60 minutes!

As a non-verbal show that transcends language barriers, it will move everyone.


There are two performances on on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.There is only 2nd show on weekdays.(two performances on weekdays from June 2024)


Show charge prices vary depending on general/premium/VIP seats. VIP seats require an additional table charge.

Show charge prices

(per 1 person / tax included / tax included)

​※ VIP1 and VIP2 seats require an additional table charge.

<Basic price simulation> ​

If 5 people use regular seats, basic fee = ¥6,600 × 5

If 2 people use premium seats, basic price = ¥11,000 × 2

If 3 people use VIP 1 seat, basic fee = (¥6,600 × 3) + ¥27,500

Regular seats

Standard seats overlooking the entire stage


■Semi-private room

■Commemorative photo with all the dancers on stage

Premium seats

Front row sofa seat

■Commemorative photo with all the dancers on stage

'mikire' seats that are hard to see

Due to the structure of the building, seats where it is difficult to see part of the stage will be priced as 'mikire' seats(¥4,400).

Seat Map


Reservations can be made from this dedicated reservation site.

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