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Program introduction

Asakusa Kaguwa Season 1


1.【 Opening 

Japanese 獅⼦(Shishi-Lions) dance powerfully in a fantastic sea of clouds. When the fog clears, the 花魁(Oiran-Courtesans) appear.

A gorgeous dance begins with a lion and courtesans wearing beautiful kimonos.


※What are Oiran(花魁)? Oiran are high-class prostitutes in a red-light district, who has knowledge, education, and talent.

At that time, she was far from the common people, and is said to have existed above the clouds, like a flower on a mountain.

She was also a fashion leader, so her hairstyle, hair accessories, and style were all extravagant.

music  Gensoranbu/Masaki Nakamura

choreo  Kazumi

costume  fujicostume

2.【 Set yourself free 】

Break out of your shell and be free! A powerful performance that combines dance, acrobatics, and the use of flags.

music  Shatter me/Linsey Stirling

choreo  Kazumi

costume  Eri Koda

3.【 Haikara girls 】

In the old days (Meiji era), stylish people who adopted innovative Western styles were called "haikara".

A performance that expresses Japan's kawaii(cute) culture. Also pay attention to the costume, which is an original arrangement of the lace kimono, which is very popular among young people these days!

music  Onnnanokowadaredemo/Tokyojihen

choreo  Kazumi

costume  Eri Koda

4.【 I miss you 】

A heart-warming story about a daughter who lost her beloved mother to illness and is depressed, and a father who worries about how to deal with such a daughter.

music  Aitai/Yuzu

choreo  Kazumi

5.【 Libertango 】

Oiran x tango dance performance. The Japanese-Western fusion of kimono and dress is so cool!

music  Libertango/Taro hakase

choreo  Churako, Kazumi

costume  fujicostume

6.【 Shishimai(Lion dance) festival 】

Japanese people love festivals! The lively festival atmosphere is sure to put a smile on your face! In this number the tempo becomes faster towards the end. Please join us by clapping your hands.


“Shishimai” is a traditional part of Japanese culture, where dancers perform while wearing a lion head to ward off evil and wish for good luck. Being bitten in the head by a lion is considered auspicious and means good luck. When the lion comes near you, hold out your head and ask it to eat the evil energy.

music  Omatsuri Mambo/Ikuzaburo Yamazaki

choreo  Nobuyuki Nakamura,Kazumi,Maina

costume  SHOWy

7.【 Four seasons 】

We express Japan's beautiful "spring, summer, autumn, and winter'' through Japanese dance, using props such as cherry blossom branches, Japanese fans, swords, and Japanese umbrellas.

music  Renovation/DAISHI DANCE

  feat.Yoshida Brothers&Akira Inoue

choreo  Kazumi

sword-fight  Kazushi

costume  SHOWy

8.Main story


A story about a girl that was separated from her boyfriend and sold to a red light district because of her parents' debt. This is a story of love and friendship between prostitutes who lived strong lives despite harsh circumstances. An original story written specifically for Asakusa Kaguwa by scriptwriter Michiru Egashira, famous for works such as "Gokusen" and "A Moment to Remember".It is a story that does not use words, which is the highlight of Asakusa Kaguwa.

script  Michiru Egashira

choreo  Kazumi

costume  fujicostume,SHOWy

9.【 Finale 】

The dancers, wearing luxurious kimono-based dresses, use fans to perform a Kaguwa-style Japanese dance that brings the show to a spectacular end. ※Video shooting is only possible for the finale.

music  original/Kaguwa&Ryoma(Ryoma Quartet) 

choreo  Kazumi

costume  fujicostume

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