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Asakusa Kawa asks all customers to do the following in order to enjoy the show comfortably.

<About admission>

・Admission is accepted at the reception on the 2nd floor.

Please note that entering the venue after the performance may cause inconvenience to other guests, so please arrive early.

・The main building is on the second floor, but there are no elevators or escalators.

If you are in a wheelchair or need assistance, please feel free to ask the staff.

There is no dedicated parking lot.

<Cancel policy>

If you cancel on the day, we will not refund your money. Please be careful in advance.

Drunk people will not be allowed to enter the facility.

Please refrain from touching the bodies of performers and staff.

Various rules due to the coronavirus pandemic will be implemented in accordance with the standards of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

earthIn the event of an emergency such as an earthquake or fire, please follow the instructions of the staff.

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